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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisici elit, sed eiusmod tempor incidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Idque Caesaris facere voluntate liceret: sese habere. Magna pars studiorum, prodita quaerimus. Magna pars studiorum, prodita quaerimus. Fabio vel iudice vincam, sunt in culpa qui officia. Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus.

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  30. You guys are great! Your use of humor and grace to answer some of those personal questions really moved me. Glad to know you!I love the "Bueler? Bueler?" thing. so funny! Can't believe you put your bare feet on the table at a restaurant! Feels like we've all been friends for a long time–you do have a gift for that. Bless you & your work!

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  35. How funny and sad at the same time; I’ve been waiting years to feel old enough to do the things I want to do! It always felt like I was too young to know enough, be enough, or to have enough to give. One thing you have less of the younger you are is experience; I would be glad to learn the wisdom of decades of experience of life and love and everything else. A young person could not teach that.[]

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  37. You may be right about what he wants to do. But the Democrats remember 2010. They lost the Congress by walking the plank for him on a number of issues. I don’t think they want to do that again. Already SS is off the table and the left is organizing for Medicare. This may well go over the cliff, and then the debt ceiling and the cliff may be too close together. If the left doesn’t fold then Obama’s boxed in. He may need a year. Minting a coin would get him that.

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  136. Brother Field…I see you dancing in the end zone. Thank you Sarge for being there. Cu Chi 69-70. Someone wrote the North Vietnamese had little of nothing. They did have tenacity, courage, bravery and all the inner strenght that we had. We were on their turf, their house and both of these are strong weapons. Let someone come into your house and see the beast come out in you. Brother Field…your reply in regards to race and this globe (world events) was on point.

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