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  2. While I'm filled with joy and inspiration–and love for those beautiful women–when I read your posts about Debra, Tziporah, Ilona and others, the lady shown in the middle photo today reflects the way I dress. It's wonderful to see this kind of post, too. All three of these ladies are beautiful and their simplicity of style also reflects great care. Ari, thank you for appreciating that, and thank you for bringing us ALL points on the spectrum. Every man and woman featured here is radiant.

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  5. Hi Yas – I forget to bring lots of cash too, but you know there's an ATM in the convention centre foyer? Can't remember where but I ducked outside to re-stock the wallet.And lol. Manu totally needs to be in the Celebrity Theatre next year! Good Food Show organisers, are you listening?!?

  6. Hi Sarah,We need to have 2/3rds of all HOs to vote ‘yes’ to pass any amendment to the Master Deed. The Transfer Tax amendment did not pass because not enough owners bothered to vote – in other words, we did not get 2/3rds of the owners to even vote on this!! Of those owners who did vote, the majority were in favor of the transfer fee. –Beth

  7. Pablo Sámano Quiroz Hola Valeria, puedes probar publicando algo en tu Muro de Facebook ya que tu última publicación es de julio y tal vez eso ocasione que no aparezca nada en el cuadro de actividad del Like Box de Facebook. Avísame cómo te fué si no para ver otra solución, saludos desde México!

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  9. Dear , Respected Mr. Lal,Please arrange to send me the book, you have written, which gives the step by step method to make the ‘Snowbreeze’ AC. I’d like to pay for the same, though. How would you like the payment to be made ?? Hurry please and oblige… The heat is killing !! (I can even collect the book from wherever you suggest)…Thanks.My address is :Commander GS Miglani (Retired)M-35, Sector 25,Jal Vayu Vihar,NOIDA -201301

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  11. contrairement à tous ces bobos marine le Pen est une femme admirable sincère on voit tout cela sur son visage ,dans ses yeux ,elle aime son peuple et son peuple l’aime ,j’espère qu’elle va etre notre nouvelle présidente en 2012 ,vive marine

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  13. Hola Mactans:Parece todo muy confuso.Está buena esa seguida de fotos-recorrido, pero me da la impresión que te sentís ¿observado?O que están pendiente de lo que hacés.Parece un lugar muy frío para compras, deberían dejar que la gente se ubique sin dirigirla.Saludos.D.

  14. Escribe sobre tu puerta atascada, sobre no escribir, sobre leerte y no gustarte, sobre lo que a todos nos pasa pero no todos tenemos la sensibilidad para ponerlo en negro sobre blanco. Pintate y dibújanos…nos hace bien, te libera. Un abrazo. Y aquí me quedo. Esperando por tí.PD: Ya quisiera yo un Malarosa que me escriba cosas tan bonitas…

  15. Marie des roses, vous dîtes que vous ne confondez pas le religieux et le clérical ? Je ne suis pas d’accord. Melanger religieux et laïc ? C’est confondre un état social (le second) et un état spirituel (le premier) qui s’applique tant aux clercs qu’aux laïcs.Je suis laïc ET religieux, mais je pourrais être l’un sans l’autre…Sinon vous me laisserez penser que l’absence de religieux n’est pas possible… L’athéisme est une religion comme les autres.

  16. Wonderful christmas pictures Monika, really lovely! Love the white shaggy floor covering, it looks very effective. Processing looks beautiful, great job at capturing this little cherub and his parents. x

  17. TEAM LUCAS 100%!!!Heres why:’Hes hot, hes awesome, hes sweet, he loves Kylie, hes protective (Bonus!) and hes just way better for her. Im sorry but Derek i just dont like. He dumped her and broke her heart and while yeah she was scared of Lucas at the begginning but she got over it! She overcame her fear and loved him :3 besides, she did say yes to Lucas, not Derek ^-^

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  23. Rob, I am also wondering the comparison of high ISO noise vs D700, can you shed us some lights ?Also I am shooting mostly landscape and beauty, which model would you recommend ? D800 or D800E ? Not keen to touch up frequently with softwares though.

  24. It’s inaccurate to compare America under the Articles of Confederation to the EU. We were already America and Americans before the Declaration of Independence – or it wouldn’t have been possible. We had fought a Revolution to obtain our freedom together, had common laws, language, history, culture, origin and had United in Common Purpose. The EU was a retirement home for a ruined Continent. It’s a Theme Park. Now it’s going under. C-Ya la vie.

  25. Cher monsieur « Nike », merci pour cette remarque pleine d’humour.Mais n’oubliez pas que les « gauchistes » ne croient pas à l’enfer…Pour ce qui est de l’ « intérêt général », tout est une question de point de vue et d’époque… L’histoire est pleine de « belles choses » faites au nom du dît intérêt.Bon BouleQuies à vous.

  26. Well of COURSE her eyes are dead. Her soul is dead. That's what colonialism does. The system she is forcing on Germany works just like Apartheid: You can have some of the benefits of "civilisation", but at the price of your dignity and freedom. Germans must kill a little bit of themselves everyday.

  27. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-XD That still gets me every time. Yea can we bury everything on this list except RE and MK. RE is just fun, forget story, and MK i’m looking forward to buy my hopes aren’t too high. Someone please shoot COD in the head. It’s turned into a Madden FPS.

  28. Fint hem ni har, ja tänk o fÃ¥ ha en sÃ¥n fin prunkande trädgÃ¥rd. Mycket arbete, bodde tidigare i hus jag. Men nu ensam men jag har en uteplats o tillgÃ¥ng till trädgÃ¥rd. Roligt med blommor, ha en underbar söndag! Hälsning frÃ¥n bloggläsaren Lisbeth, gött med paj! Här har ätits bär med vispad grädde. Oj mycket kalorier, men gott dÃ¥..skippar kolhydraterna…fniss!

  29. where is the money coming from to do all the paving in town?during the budget process it showed under $50,000 left from summer money but $275,000 in the winter money.the budget committee was shown a list of roads for this budget year however none of the roads(cemetery road,lower guinea road or the town hall)done were on that list.where was the prepping for the town hall parking lot(crushed gravel and grading)? typical road work done in town(pave over old rotted culverts,no shoulders,do and redo)

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  31. I’d also like to add that many of the figures were resurrected a second time, as tie-ins for the “Cadillacs & Dinosaurs” animated series in the early Nineties. I have the Kentrosaurus from that line on my shelf right now: many of the creatures were released with the original Dino-Riders accessories, but with new package art and sometimes new additions. Thought it was worth passing on.

  32. Może ktoÅ› stworzy grÄ™ komputerowÄ… „Åšcigaj trolla”. A tak na serio, to zastanawiam siÄ™, czy agresja w internecie, caÅ‚e plugastwo wylewajÄ…ce siÄ™ z niektórych komentarzy na tysiÄ™cznych stronach internetowych ma taki sam zÅ‚y wpÅ‚yw na Å›wiat jak w realu? Wiemy, że przebywanie z czÅ‚owiekiem agresywnym, nieżyczliwym, nieuporzÄ…dkowanym stawia nas w sytuacji pewnego dyskomfortu odczuwalnego aż do szpiku. A w internecie?

  33. Andrea a huge well done for battling round especially when the weather turned. You should be proud. It’s a race I always feel I should do at some point, then I read a race report and think, maybe not! I didn’t believe in guardian angels till now! I doubt she would’ve helped Rob though, after such a rude gesture was made!Many congratulations to all the other Harriers too, especially to Carl on doing both races in the same weekend and both Harriers training sessions! Susan

  34. Attended 2 day NYC session some time ago. Recall using heel and/or knee to effect this injury on prone or semi-prone opponent. Know I understand why this stood out in my mind so much at the time. Nice job and good delivery.Astonished and much saddened by Vonnie’s departure. A good woman. Sometimes God takes the best first.

  35. Quality doesn’t sell when people don’t know about a book or can independently judge the quality of the product – that’s why marketing exists. People don’t buy products they don’t know about. So, what’s it like to have job security, Marcus?

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  38. Aha! She up and used the Magic Word! No, not “please,” not “thank you,” BUT…. M*A*N*I*C*O*T! (you say manicotti, i say manicot, à la Sopranos…)Chrisa, you’re a sly one! *beaming at you from afar*And Inna, yes it is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in a group. I’m just glad that it always somehow works out. It’s a real miracle and testament to… something!

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  41. I have been googling this also, since I heard the commercial.I identify as trans (ftm) and I was so disgusted by this commercial. I heard it just last night as my girlfriend drove in the car with me, I didn’t even know how to react. Something needs to be done about this.

  42. I suppose I now can associate with you, as your PR4 went exactly where my PR4 went: gone withe the Google wind. Not that I’m happy, but big ventures come out of revelations like this Simonne’s last blog post..

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  45. I know. I couldn’t believe the range of sounds when I first heard them. It’s fascinating to think they’ve been emitting these sounds since they were created, and yet it’s only recently that we’ve been able to capture and hear them. I don’t know enough about the scientific angle to venture a guess on why Jupiter twitters, but it’s strange to hear a sound slightly resembling a bird or insect in space.

  46. SATU ANAK MALAYSIA :TVB 的確係獨裁壟斷大電視台,幾乎所有藝人都要受呢個台操縱,免費電視頻道不加快開放,在全無競爭下,TVB 現在已隻手遮天,不論藝人或觀眾,願意接受的就是接受,不接受的沒辦法,除非藝人轉行、或觀眾關掉電視,當然可選擇收費電視,但對於無數基層市民來說,免費電視頻道是很重要的資訊來源。但反覷這個 TVB 是什麼,新聞要「河蟹」,對敏感政治新聞就「是是但但」;電視劇毒不可耐,吹捧浮誇、是是非非、勾心鬥角、古惑走精面、八婆八公、把歪理合理化,每天都為觀眾洗腦,觀眾習慣了這種洗腦方式,於是不覺得有問題,更會上癮,形成對生活的狂想,思想在歪理之中沉淪。……..如果多些競爭對手,對社會絕對是好事…起碼有得揀吖大佬…

  47. Hey there Vanuatu is an amazing place One of the best plaecs in the South Pacific. The local people are so friendly, when walking down the street just smile and wave and they will all smile back It was voted the Happiest place in the world a few years back by the Happy Planet Index.. It is very laid back and chillaxed though. The food is amazing and most of it is organic. Has some of the best scuba diving in the world. ))

  48. Thanks again Tony! This is the picture I got too, from the research I have made.I originally didn’t intend to write as much as I ended up doing. The plan was to just write a few paragrahps commemorating Cpt. Hutton, add a couple of images of him and then spend the rest of the day working. Instead I spent 13 hours just writing.

  49. Straight out of an episode of The Professionals, that coat! You are a sexy East German spy about to seduce Bodie or Doyle! We used to have a book called Everything Within from the 1920s which also had advice on taking on staff, writing thank you letters, the value of wearing cold cream when motoring, etc. – not one dull page! German market looks fun – did they have Honey Buttons? I love them so much but can't always find them in shops. xxx

  50. My goodness. What happened to the intelligent commenters who used to post in response to periodic episodes of Moldbuggery? Are you people new? You see, if you disagree with an argument or statement, it is helpful if you advance a logical, systematic reason. Just choking out, effectively, "I disagree," as many of you seem to have managed, doesn't impress the rest of us.There's an archive, you know. If you'd like to catch up. Perhaps then you could at least state your disagreements with some kind of argumentative and literary style. – Dirtyrottenvarmint

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  58. One essential difference which you seem to forget is the completely changed demography of the USA. It are no longer refugees, coming to this spacious land happy to have escaped oppression in Europe or returning from having liberated Europe after '45 and very willing to work their way up grasp every chance of bettering themselves but spoiled, lazy ignoramuses expecting nothing but government handouts. They not only do not yearn to be free but prefer the slavery of non-responsibility.

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  62. The product of modern education and text messaging. They don't know, don't care and are too lazy to learn. I'm once again facing about 100 recent high school graduates who supposedly are in my college government courses. Tasked with writing 500 word papers, they display inability to distinguish "to, too, two", "there, their, they/re" "are, our", "whether, weather" and more. My favorite though is the verb "to run" when applied as "how the government is ran."The Endarkenment proceeds apace.

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