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  3. Loved the theme of the NYT. Didn’t so much like SCI as “college dept”. I’ve never known a college with a Department of Science. Departments are biology, chemistry, physics, etc, which usually exist within the School of Arts and Sciences, if it’s a large enough institution to be subdivided (in which case it’s properly a university, not a college).I’m sure someone can produce one example, but that won’t satisfy me. Nor does it ruin the puzzle overall, which I really enjoyed, but…

  4. This is AWFUL!It should NOT be set as the default!I don't mind it if people attach the code at the end to get this feature, BUT DO NOT MAKE IT DEFAULT!When I make a post on my site or blog about a video, I WANT THEM TO FOCUS ON MY VIDEO IM TALKING ABOUT!Sure, I could just add the code to cancel it, but that's not the point. The majority of people who embed videos only want their viewers to focus on that particular video for discussion.This also makes implimenting Youtube BBCodes and more on message boards difficult when trying to insert rel=0.

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  6. Voui,je sais je suis encore ? la ramasse pour le coucou-rage de sollicitude. Je lis dans ma boule de prédiction d’avenir que, l’année du tigre, les Impératrices galacticiennes doivent mettre un lion dans leur moteur et manger du chaton. Voil? , ça fait trois cent quarante douze Grouzopeks, mais je fais crédit.

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  8. "we back a rebel faction and then hang them out to die."Seen that once to many times…. "I would like to think that we pick which dictators and oligarchs we'll prop up and which we'll topple using a selection process at least as involved as the one by which we pick our college basketball teams….."Perfect, because I don't pick basketball teams, unless one of the players is one of my progeny…. I don't have any kids outside this school district, so….. that would kinda limit these foolish escapades, huh? Would that be a bad thing?

  9. Interessante Anekdote und absolut stimmig. JMS hat auch mal moniert, dass die Festlegung der meisten Filme auf +-90 Minuten ein Relikt aus der Zeit der Filmrollen sei, genau wie die Festlegung von Serien auf +-45 Minuten ein Relikt aus der Frühzeit des kommerziellen Fernsehens sei. Beides sollte endlich mal durchbrochen werden, weil es nicht notwendigerweise der Lauflänge guter Geschichten entspricht.

  10. Leoparddrengen: Der var faktisk ikke kun unge superhelte – den ene var en far med overskæg!Mathias: Nu har jeg personligt et kæmpe crush pÃ¥ Michael Cera, sÃ¥ ham vil jeg gerne være! Men jeg er ikke sikker pÃ¥, at Anne Sofie vil være Seth… :(Anonym: Ja, det er crazy!!- Isabel

  11. sir I like your hair and mustache but what I was wondering is how is the action alot of cheap acoustic have bad necks and hard as heck action? I got the 5120 and put on the tv jones I love it! but how is the action on this guitar can you bend full step does the action get harder the longer you own it?

  12. . I know you don't need any kind of ego boost from me but I wanted to say how awesome you are for putting yourself out there even when there are Di##$ So thanks form all of us that love what you do and how you say it 🙂

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  14. Thanks Deb – love the quote…I think Canada is a very interesting example, because the political scene feels like a window onto (generalising wildly here) three subcultures (Coastal, Deep Continent, French-Canadian) whose alliances and grip on power shifts. It’s tempting to say Harper represents the rise of the deep… but I have to admit, I haven’t followed things properly in the last few years…

  15. These are stunning!! They are stunning!! I love the simplicity and elegance of them! I got a little choked up.Little Jackson will adore these amazing memories of his parents wedding day. Bravo!

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  17. cover" LOL We've been accused of a lot of things but that one is funny.The "potentially dangerous segment of the population" are the people that continue to defend Obama's made up past. They are the people that threaten violence if Obama were to be removed from office.

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  19. Estoy de acuerdo con la deficinion del conocimiento cientifico… aunque esa definicion y la ciencia en general en muchas ocaciones se topa con cosas que simplemente no puede explicar. ..

  20. Many thanks, folks … much obliged. I was just thinking out loud, really … Ken Bruen should on any list of Irish noir, without doubt. Tana French? El Maestro Colin Bateman? What about Benjamin Black? Or Alex Barclay? Paul Charles? Cheers, Dec

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  23. Of all the characteristics of deniers, repeatedly nudging back the goalpost—or the threshold of evidence required for acceptance of a theory—is often the most telling. The strategy behind goalpost-moving is simple: always demand more evidence than can currently be provided. If the evidence is then provided at a later date, simply change the demand to require even more evidence, or refuse to accept the kind of evidence that is being offered.

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  27. Great post! Another Cser here. It is great to be able to meet like minded people while you are thousands of miles away from your hometown friends. I also agree with hostels, in Cambodia you can find places for as little as $2 a night. And the street sleeping, I actually tried to stay at the Yangon Airport but they close at 8:30pm… Oh no! Thankfully the fancy hotel across the street allowed me to sleep in their lobby on a couch after they made a copy of my passport.

  28. When I was in High School way back in the day, girls took Home Ec and boys took Shop. No alternative. Good thing times have changed.ILLNEVER didn’t bother me till I read the blog. But for me, mostly, this is a great puzzle with some wonderful clues.

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  32. C'est vrai que c'est bien agréable de rencontrer d'autres personnes qui partagent nos convictions. On découvre en prime des plats différents de ce qu'on a l'habitude de préparer pour un résultat convivial sans prise de tête. Qui a dit que les végé étaient aigris ? :pPar contre, c'est vrai qu'un été digne de ce nom, ça ne serait pas de refus :p

  33. Trap a goober time…..Chapter 137"How so? Obama's middling intellect can be accounted for the fact that he is half-white>But you seem to feel that 100% blacks like Clarence Thomas, Cain and Sowell are smart.So it's not genetics but ideology?Or do you think black conservatives ARE intellectually inferior, and useful?

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  36. Now that he’s blown his lead with that disastrous debate performance he might like to know that a lot of teachers are not voting for him unless he changes courses. That’s what’s in my letter on Oct 17th. He still has time to smarten up.

  37. Those sequined leggings are so uber cool and futuristic, love them. And the perspex heels are divine, love how edgy this collection is. Thanks so much for your great comment and for your mini movie review – I will probably end up watching it sometime soon. Maybe for Taylor Lautner’s sake, hahaha.

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  42. Dear mnbvcx…I'm not sure whether you've tracked earlier posts and comments on this blog…and I guess not. If you did, you'll notice that a significant number of comments from folks that title themselves as "anonymous cowards". In fact, there are a number of such entities floating around in cyberspace. So its not about Prashant being self righteous–he's only used a label that has already been used by commentators on this blog.

  43. Oh my this is my favorite post yet! I love this look. So simple but fantastic! That first picture is definitely a keeper for inspiration.Yeah, I don’t have anything against Justin Bieber but everyone around him makes him seem annoying. I saw the premiere of New Moon at The Grove in LA in 2009-whoa that was awful!! Every time Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner was on screen everyone screamed. I will never do that again, unless I have extra strength tylenol. I too loved BSB, Nsync and Hanson growing up but I don’t remember being that crazy either. yikes. Great post!

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  46. yesterday, I hope Smith stays ready. I could easily see Kap getting hurt and Smith coming in to save the day and lead us to a SB win. This could EASILY happen. Why? Because it’s the NFL and players get hurt all the time. And this story has been too weird and bizarre to just end with JH saying “Kap’s the starter from here on out…”The final chapter of this saga has yet to be written………

  47. Oh, como me acuerdo de aquellos dias en los dominicos de Alcobendas. Y me acuerdo de que un dia vino la hija de lama Djimpa con su hijo recien nacido (que ahora tendrá 24 años) a preguntarme por su padre el lama que estaba en Vajradhara haciendo el retiro. Que bonito

  48. it will contain “unseen footage”. It says that it contains “rare scene which you could not see often” of Eunjung’s first time clubbing, picture of childfood, and cooking. So I think there is no new scene that is not aired before in Korea.And usually we don’t have Eng subs in Japanese DVD of Korean TV shows… and it’s region code is 2… not so happy news for other country’s fans, maybe…(> <)Anyway, I'm sooooooooo happy to hear this news. I definitely will buy them!! Hope EJ and JW will visit Japan together to promote this DVD!!

  49. Kim, I am so sorry to hear this tragic news. Gregg and I worked together at the Census Bureau. Gregg was one of my favorite people, fondly known as Scruff. We had many conversations about various things, he truly loved you and the boys. It’s hard to believe you two have been married for 30 years, seems like yesterday we were having baby showers… alot of great memories over many years. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless!Peggy

  50. Every family has its quirks … what drives me crazy is the drama! My sister, my mother, my in-laws, etc! But it is usually petty and that is what leads me to what I love the most about them; no matter what, when or why, they are always there for me. Very supportive, loving and caring!i have read all the books in the Virgin River series as well as many other nurses I work with … Robyn Carr makes us turn our break room into Jack’s Bar! LOL!! Thanks for the sneak peek at Patricks story!

  51. Hi Gordon – thanks for the comment. The best way to get the magazine is for Iain to join the IAC – it’s the current issue, just – as they’re quarterly and in the first year of membership you just pay pro-rata until January so it doesn’t cost a lot. Fingers crossed for him for the 23rd!

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  54. peacay: Your text answered a question that had just arisen. I ought to have added: "and before I saw your note", since wondered instead of wonder left the ambiguity intact. Another thing that struck me was the style of lightning bolts in plate 2 (Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius); they're remarkably cartoonish in what's otherwise a fairly realistic work.

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  60. NJrealSocial inertia is a b1tch. All these savvy home buyers thought that there was no housing bubble in sight in 2006 either. Now i commonly here that we are at bottom and it’s a great time to buy because of historic rates!!! You add on top of the social inertia factor that the government is doing everything it can to keep housing from deflating and you are seeing exactly the behavior one would expect.There is also the issue that housing is fairly il-liquid (non-liquid???). It takes time for trends to propagate through the general home buying population.

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  63. Meh, wouldn’t be the first time Eli’s lost some targets, i think it will take a while to find that reliable third guy, even though having that full offseason will help with that, but I think the guy that will ultimately step up is on the roster already

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  67. Yeah, you’re right … Yeah, you’re right darling, don’t force them, let them decide what they would like to play Maybe, if there is a system like this in America, you could take the kids over to a Music Academy on one of those ‘show days’ in the Music School to see and to listen what kind of instruments there are and how they sound And indeed, violin has the most beautiful sound in the world I play it too I play also guitar, maybe one of your kids would love it too Was this answer helpful?

  68. 26/04/2012 at 9:59 pmThe next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention. Log in to Reply

  69. Steve,I've always viewed marijuana legalization through a cost benefit analysis. To me the costs of prohibiting marijuana, e.g. the billions spent over the years on the war of drugs, the deadly no-knock police raids, crazy prison time for minor offenses, all far outweigh the benefits (i.e. with legal weed some people will drive high and some people will waste their lives smoking up).It doesn't make fiscal or social policy sense to ban marijuana.

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  77. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  78. Congrats on the article! I’ve been so out of it – I haven’t even looked at the summer Knitty! Wacky, eh?For what it’s worth, I am the child of someone who knit and sewed. We have wonderful pictures and great memories of it all, and I even saved a few small knit baby items I plan to frame someday.Maya looks adorable – so go for it!

  79. I'm glad I could lift your spirits, Beth. You deserve it.I know things are difficult for you right now. I wish I had deep words of wisdom. But I don't. I just have a lot of hope for your future. God has big plans for you Beth! Hold on until all is revealed. Praying for you.

  80. Can’t wait for this recipe to come together! I am making it now and realize I forgot to buy all the ingredients but the turkey, green pepper and onion! Hence – I forgot all the seasonings and buns! Will report back when it comes together!

  81. Hoi Inge,Wat vind je van dit artikel, en het feit dat fytine de opname van bepaalde mineralen remt? Ik wilde graag over naar havermout, is erg lekker in mijn smoothies. Maar nu twijfel ik wel heel erg. Ben benieuwd naar Jouw idee hierover. Alvast bedankt!

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  92. It's time to organize a page where we can petition our representatives. Also Darrell Issa would be a good one to contact. John Boehner just needs to go. He's useless. It would be nice to get a "Birther" run or threaten to run as independent or Constitutional Party against John Boehner.

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  111. What a turn-out! Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful screenshots for those (like me) who cannot make the events.Does this channel/layer thing turn on in major cities as well? I’m hoping not as it would be a shame to have all the roleplayers scattered between layers.

  112. Secondhand knowledge… my teacher Eliza who studied with Deb Rubin said that Deb’s teacher used to make her sit still for 15 minutes and just do arm stuff in front of a mirror. So if your injury thing flares and you don’t want to watch Youtube, you could always sit down and work on arms.

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  126. I wonder if Judi Rudoren would make her “detained but not formally arrested, see, the system works…” distinction (wrt Ben Ehrenreich) here as well.Qatanani and his supporters say he was only detained, and not arrested, by the Israeli military and faced no charges,…Real world fact/application trumps philosophical, hair-splitting, every time.

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  131. – ditto to all above comments. Very encouraged by your brother and June’s faith esp. when it comes to having babies since Im sure it wasnt wasy. I’ll be sure to leave her a quick “congrats” as well. As for your wife, Staci, yes… she is awesome. Staci, you amaze me still even after college. You’re not only an exemplified older sister to me since college but to see you as an amazing wife and mom… wow!

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  134. Geoffrey Willis Author | Joe, you say a lot of really weird things, but calling Alaskan’s “socialists” is hilarious. They pay no state tax because they have entered into voluntary arrangements with private companies that create a government surplus. Not sure how that is socialism – the private company is making huge profits, the agreement is voluntary and the Alaskans don’t have a spending problem. Yeah, that is the definition of socialism.

  135. It seems to me that paragraphs 141 and 142 of the Chief Justice’s dissent are a pretty strong assertion of judicial power over administrative agencies. She seems to be saying that the courts should interpret the statute every time, de novo, rather than asking whether the agency’s interpretation was reasonable. That would be a pretty big tug of power away from the quasi-independent administrative agencies and into the Court.

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